18 July 2007

Sharpton says its cool for Imus to come back

Oh, is it Al? It's OK with you? Well, thats just precious.

[From Newsmax.com]
"Don Imus is headed back to the radio airwaves, and the Rev. Al Sharpton won't be standing in his way. According to Radar, Imus' sidekick Bo Dietl hinted over the weekend on the radio that Imus will be back at WFAN by September -- some five months after he was fired by CBS Radio and MSNBC.

During the controversy, Sharpton allowed Imus to appear on his own radio show to issue an apology. Afterward, Sharpton said the apology wasn't good enough.

But Sharpton told Radar that he won't block Imus' return to radio this fall saying 'My position is that we never called for him to be permanently barred from being on the air.'"

Don't misunderstand me, I think Imus is a washed up hack of a corpse in a cowboy hat but that whole situation with Sharpton really had me steaming like a fucked up latte. I wrote something about it at the time which wound up on The Source online. I need to dig it up; it wasn't bad.

I find it obvious, once again, that Rev. Al was just flexing abusing his power by pouncing on the Imus story during a slow news week and calling for his firing; all to get his own name in the papers and bolster his own political footing. It wasn't about anything besides Al Sharpton's social pull and political power versus the blindsided Imus. It was a victory for Sharpton and no one else. And now, coming down from off a cloud and granting Imus the permission to return is another cold slap in the grill. Again, spinning it in his favour and making it about him.

It's all about Al and it always has been; he is completely shameless and full of beans. It's not about the community, it's not about civil rights or social justice, or the NYPD vs. the minorities; it's all about Al and the never ending Rev. Al Show.

I'm sure Al will show up at Russel Timoshenko's funeral tomorrow but only for the photo op. He doesn't care about it; there's no opportunity there for him. HOLLA.

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