30 July 2007

Suicide or Scientology?

Das net is now ablaze with the mysterious story of writer/filmmaker Theresa Duncan and artist Jeremy Blake's apparent double suicide.

There were rumours the couple had become very paranoid, claiming they were being stalked and harassed by the Church of Scientology. It's all very, very labyrinthian and intriguing... but now some new facts are coming to light.

It is fairly well documented that the CoS will go to extraordinary lengths to harass writers, artists, musicians and anyone else who dares to poke fun at or criticize them. Now some are buzzing about an equation involving artist Anna Gaskell and CoS' "fair game" policy involving domestic and international terrorism, espionage, extortion, coercion, blackmail and murder.

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From Theresa's blog:
"Current and former Federal intelligence officers are often employed by the CoS in attacking, researching and harassing their perceived enemies.

I was harassed by the Church of Scientology during and after my boyfriend and I worked with their member Beck Hansen. (Jeremy Blake designed an album cover for Beck)

I have dozens of pictures of this harassment, including a dead cat, graffiti on and near our property, and four of five police reports with the LAPD to bear this out.

Also during this time, someone named Reza Aslan, a Muslim "scholar" and friend of a friend who attended school in Iowa came to my house in Venice, CA and freely chatted about an FBI file of mine he seemed vividly aware of, even though at that time I myself did not know such a file existed. A consequent FOIA filing revealed his "magic" knowledge of these documents to be true.

The overlap of a Muslim American seeming Homeland Security agent from Iowa asking me about my life in Detroit and the large Muslim population there (a population I sadly never mixed with while I lived in Detroit as a lass) during the height of the Scientology harassment, and the continual mention of my heretofore unknown to me FBI file by members of the CoS indicates a blending of the two communities that is borne out in the history of the church's use of current former members of Federal intelligence agencies.

Also, as I mentioned above in the Cownie article, MK Ultra and other Strangelovian secret intelligence mind control techniques often used cults like the CoS, the Manson cult, and the Jim Jones cult to manipulate and infiltrate the left and the counterculture.

This "Cointelpro" program using cults and hypnosis, mind control, etc. is now well known thanks to lawsuits filed against the CoS, the Federal govt. by victims of these programs, and through the declassification of documents related to these Federal programs.

Also, a couple investigative journalists in the Midwest and California have been helping me look into Cownie's many companies' adresses, SEC filings, and other "follow the money" trails that conclusively point to financial dealings with the entities I suggest in the article above. "

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Jeremy was despondent over the fact that he was sort of responsible for the entire mess with the Chruch of Scientology? Jeremy worked with Beck on that record cover, and Jeremy knew & dated Anna Gaskell back in the day... There are so many WILD assumptions one could make, I don't want to start rumors but all sorts of things are going through my head...

Is Jeremy really dead? Is it some sort of cover up? what a tangled web we weave........