10 July 2007

World Coming Down

  • Syphilis infections are on the rise here in NYC. Health officials say the infections have surged this year. Between January and March, there were 260 new cases -- more than twice the number in the same period a year earlier. Health officials say the surge is especially high among gay men in Chelsea, but syphilis is also on the rise among women. At least 10 cases in the first three months of the year involved women.

  • State officials say more than 1,100 tubes of possibly tainted toothpaste have been confiscated in Connecticut in the past week. That's it, I'm not brushing anymore. Deal with it, ladies.

  • A Suffolk County police officer has been charged with animal cruelty for shooting a dog in the head. The officer was off duty near his family's summer home when he shot a 3-year-old boxer named Zeus. He says he was defending himself from an attack. But authorities say an investigation has yielded no evidence that the dog was going after the officer. Zeus had to be euthanized. The officer, who was also charged with discharging a firearm over a public highway, was released without bail. He has a follow-up court date on July 25. Rot, you heartless pussy.

  • A van carrying 9 people was dragged 200 feet and crushed between a highway divider and a tractor-trailer in a crash Monday morning.

  • A Park Slope urologist has been convicted for fondling a 59-year-old female patient after conducting an exam. Dr. Saeid Shamsian faces up to a year in jail after his conviction on charges of forcible touching, sex abuse and harassment. The Good Doctor scheduled the patient late in the day, after his practice was closed. After giving the woman a vaginal exam, he told her to lie on her stomach. Then he massaged her back, fondled her genitals and squeezed her breasts. Rot, you dirty fuck.

  • Hahaha!! Sprint Cuts 1,000+ Customers For Excessive Complaining

  • Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, has seen snow for the first time in 89 years

  • Let's follow their lead... China executed the former head of its food and drug watchdog committee who had become a symbol of the country's wide-ranging problems on product safety. Zheng Xiaoyu was sentenced to death in May for taking bribes to approve an antibiotic blamed for at least 10 deaths and other substandard medicines. Cao was given a death sentence last month with a two-year reprieve for accepting bribes and dereliction of duty.

  • and the most appalling news of all... Was Madonna's Live Earth guitar solo real?

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