05 August 2007

Avril Lavigne resting on her laurels, already? Wow. She's awful but I just watched a very uninspired performance in the midst of one of the most uninspired (repeat, I think) episodes of SNL I've seen in a while so I suppose its all apropos. You can't have a musical guest burning the house down when the rest of the show is hobbling along. If we all hobble, maybe they won't notice? But Avril calling it in, already? Daaamn, girl.

So I've found my favourite Sheldrake book "Dogs That Know" and its wonderful; enlightening and much easier to digest than "New Science" and "Presence of the Past" which are both astoundingly brilliant but arduously pedantic. Not unlike that sentence.

I find "Dogs..." to not only be more easily absorbable but it mirrors a lot of Dr. Temple Grandin's amazing findings about animals and she happens to be one of my all-time favourites.

Anyway, I'll give you a full book report later. For now...

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