15 August 2007

the best part of this is at the very end
he gets in the limo
making his romantic final escape into the certain unknown
and the limo immediately gets stuck at a red light in NY traffic
how ironic, hysterical and perfect
i doubt he'd have written it any other way


Anonymous said...

That clip was way, way, too beautiful and sad.Wonderful in it's way but I sorta wish I hadn't pressed play. It's four A.M. and now I'm crying into my Poland Spring, thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

You know I love a good beautiful and sad story. Sometimes I think the two may not be able exist without each other.

Warren hits me hard and very close to home with my dad and all.

They died months apart; my dad always loved Warren and they even looked alike when they were young.

I'm sorry I ruined your Poland Spring