13 August 2007

Mercedes Introduces Armoured S-Class

Mercedes S-Guard complete with bullet holes at the Mercedes-Benz museum, Stuttgart. Click here to see a bigger pic

So what do the President, Columbia's largest exporter of cocaine and the Pope all have in common? They are all the same person. They all need protection.

Sure, they could all drive around in M1 Abrams tanks, but protection isn't enough.

Prominent officials (and drug dealers) want more than just protection, they want protection and luxury. But of course!

Thankfully, Mercedes has heard their pleas, announcing they will be offering a fully armoured version of the S600, dubbed the S600 Guard. The S600 Guard will meet the specification of the B6/B7 protection standard, which is the maximum level.

Highlights include being able to withstand military-grade small arms fire (as well as hand grenade shrapnel and explosive devices), run-flat tires, a self-sealing gas tank, and an alarm system for endangered occupants.

Mercedes also states that despite the modifications to the S600 Guard, interior space, handling properties, and ride quality will remain virtually unchanged from a standard S600. BRING IT!

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