02 August 2007

Che è il destino?

What is fate and do you believe in it? Do you believe that no matter what you do, whatever will be, will be? If you were designed to die peacefully in your sleep of old age and natural causes, would you survive a 40 storey fall? And if you believed you in a sense had 9 lives, would you try? Would you tempt it and test it with careless confidence? What about in love? If two people were meant to be together, will they end up together? No matter what happens in between? No matter how much you push it or tease it or break it or repair it? Do you accept the adage "everything happens for a reason"? Most seem to use it as a crutch; they succumb to the proverb when things go wrong; they surrender to its wisdom and wave a white flag. But if you truly believe "everything happens for a reason" then you'd embrace it in both good and bad situations. You wouldn't pat yourself on the back, ever; and you wouldn't beat yourself up about something, ever. I suppose its a slippery slope... For I could march downstairs and punch an old lady in the face and claim "everything happens for a reason". Well, maybe it does... So how does the world and fates design intersect with said paths? How does the axiom "everything happens for a reason" contend with free will? When does the communal energy of the world say "OK, this one has fucked with his fate enough. Now he's on his own." Are we then cut loose? And if so, what happens to the path we were supposed to travel had we not decided to plow our own way through the imagined cornfield? Is it recycled? Has my originally scheduled fate program been handed over to someone else? A newborn? A reborn? Are people waiting for fate donors like some wait for new kidneys and hearts? If two people were meant to be together, then what is all the fuzz in between? Are we being given the chance to take a different road? Is whats meant to happen to us always the best route? How could we ever know? What if my design was to die tomorrow? What would happen if I seized a different path right now? You know when they say so-and-so was in a bad accident and "he isn't even supposed to be here right now"; so what then? What is this unwritten chapter, this blinking cursor? Were they meant to survive by the skin of their teeth? Did the accident go wrong and they were supposed to die? Where is the quality control in all of this? Who controls these puzzles? If we had the option of life on auto pilot would you take it? Hang on for the rough road knowing or hoping or trusting there was a light at the end? There are too many variables and too much that can go wrong. Fragility is a grand piano and it's hanging by some bakery string over our heads. Don't look up, or back. Only forward.

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