08 August 2007

dogs vs. thunderstorms

my sweet baby has been panting and running in circles for the past few hours. she is such a loon. a little steam engine of superstition and nerves. when i woke up she followed me around as i closed selected windows. then it appeared that she wanted to go outside. she stood by the screen door and i said "are u sure?" and the second i opened the door, she darted out into the rain she's so scared of inside. how weird. did a lap around my car and then tapped the back passenger side door with her nose. thats her door. maybe she wanted to drive far away? awwww then she vanished for a moment went on the side of the house no idea what she was doing. i thought i was gonna have to go look for her in my underwear and umbrella. thought she was gonna come around the side of the house and ring the front door bell and ask if she could come in out of the rain for a spot of tea. i dashed inside to find some shoes and grab an umbrella, ready to go chasing after her through the wet black morning and by the time i came back around the hall, there she was back inside the house soaking wet now still panting like a marathon. now she's at my feet, smelling like a wet rug, panting still. i feel so bad for her... like her fortress is under attack and resistance is futile, how stressful !!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. the rain doesn't even sound like itself today. it sounds like white noise like static from a broken television it falls in sheets and the rolling thunder rumbles the ground it was bible monsoon for a good hour or two straight dying down now,,, fog is mystery... how could it be anything but, ever? mist and fog and i've always loved the sound of lonely foghorns. somehow cozy in their despair, no?

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Anonymous said...

I thought this would end differently, more 'romantic'......winkwink