23 August 2007

You might remember last November, a 22-year NYPD veteran who was fired after failing a drug test - because his wife put pot in the meatballs - was waiting to hear whether Commissioner Kelly would reinstate him. Many months later, Kelly has finally gotten around to giving his word: "No." Anthony Chiofalo remains fired.

Chiofalo's wife admitted that she slipped pot instead of oregano into her meatball recipe because she wanted him to get fired. Why? Because she was worried for his safety, as Chiofalo worked on the Joint-Terrorism Task Force, not to mention the fact that Chiofalo's brother, also a cop, died on September 11 and two partners died on September 11.

She even submitted the findings of a polygraph test.

The ex-cop can sue the NYPD in civil court. Interestingly, the Post reports that police prosecutors had urged Kelly to overturn Chiofalo's dismissal.

I remember first hearing about this story and a) getting really hungry and then b) thinking it was a brilliant excuse for failing a drug test.

However, it was such an elaborate tale, I doubt there'd have been any way a husband and wife could concoct such an ingenious alibi virtually overnight.

its a pot. get it?

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