13 September 2007

50 Cent is a herb

So I'm assuming you've heard about this big war between Kanye & 50, right? Both dudes released new albums on Tuesday. 50 said there was no way he was gonna be outsold by Kanye.

50 Cent threw the first punch, challenging Kanye to a debate that never happened, then threatening to retire and leave the game altogether if Kanye's record sold more than his on the first day out.

And guess what? The Chicago State University drop out turned producer with the miracle whips beat out your boy 50. And now, quite conveniently, 50 ain't feeling the game much anymore. What a fraud! This is like your friend talking shit that he knows how to play ball and then you go to the court and he starts bitching about the size of the ball and the court not being "regulation".

Billboard reported Kanye's new record "Graduation" sold 437,000 copies in its first day of sales Tuesday, outselling 50 Cent’s “Curtis” by about 127,000.

Sales data will be finalised Sunday night by Nielsen SoundScan: West’s first-week sales total likely will be in the 575,000 to 700,000 range; his bullet-ridden rival appears headed for a second-place finish with sales of 500,000 to 600,000 copies.

So now your boy Curtis is doing interviews saying he's lost his "passion" to make music. Ya think he would've "lost his passion" had he beat out Kanye? 50 got beat at his own game. What a fool.

Peep this link: 50 Cent Losing The Passion To Make Music? and this video interview with your boy Curtis and his sudden misplaced passion.

But does it really matter? 50's got lots of money; and Mike Tyson's used mansion. He can retire now and make room for the next DMX.

What can Fif say that hasn't already been said? Leave the game to the real dudes like Nas and Jay and Guru. What's 50 gonna do next Bottle Full-a Bub '08?

I've always equated Fif with hip-pop. That's why he's so big, because suburban white kids get charged when they listen to him and think they're hard out in the woods.

He's got the mass appeal because he ain't rappin about shit. He ain't sayin' nothing. He's as deep as a puddle.

50's rhyming club with bub and laughing all the way to the bank like hip-poppers do. And now 50 is taking shots at 90's rap and my boy Nas!

"Hip-hop ain’t dead. That’s just coming from an artist that’s dead. Hip-hop being what it was in his era — the Tupac/Nas/Biggie/Jay-Z era — is dead. Right now [rap fans] don’t want to hear that nonsense.”

“Those guys that flood their music with too much intellectual information don’t sell. You could be so creative that you just got a smock and a French accent!”

Your boy Fif basically just bowed out of the game and admitted his shit is pop. 50 is like The Monkees of hip-hop.

Would u rather be rich or revered? I guess 50 just wants to be rich while the dudes he mentioned are/were both.

So not only does 50 Cent suffer from apparent Ricky Henderson syndrome, if he sticks to his word his solo career appears over. Whatever the outcome, the biggest record sales feud since Blur vs. Oasis a decade ago has provided a much-needed sales jolt for the record industry.

Fun Facts Galore: Kanye’s sound was featured heavily on Jay-Z's critically-acclaimed album The Blueprint, which was released on September 11, 2001

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