13 September 2007

Abandoned Buildings as Art ?

Much stranger things have surely happened but this is a first. This dude, Mike Nelson, has been working day and night at the abandoned Essex Street Market to create what he calls A Psychic Vacuum. Hmmm, OK.

The market has been closed off for 13 years and is now home to Nelson's first major New York exhibition. The 6,500 square foot installation is a labyrinth of 10 rooms that create a "fictional world with inspiration from the world outside its doors." Oh yeah? is that so?

It may be too soon to tell but that's never stopped us before. It looks to me as if he basically cut the locks and planted a flag inside the dilapidated market calling it an "exhibit". From what I've seen so far, it doesn't look much different than any other abandoned building I've been privy to in my modest life. I see things left as they were left laying in 1994. Is that art? What is art? Who knows.

The, uh, exhibition, runs through October 28th (Friday through Sunday, noon-6pm) at located at 117 Delancey Street.

Check out his website here. A virtual tour will launch soon it says.

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