10 September 2007

and this one got stuck in my head...

AC/DC meets Springsteen meets Kerouac? Count me in.

It took me quite a few listens of "Boys & Girls" to realise it is an amazing record, level with "Separation Sunday" which is probably Top 10 or 15 all-time for me.

This band has got that something... I dunno what it is exactly but its fucking perfect. And if I had to write a review for Rolling Stone I'd say "The Hold Steady is a bar band for bibliophiles."

Chillout Tent
guest vocals by Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner and Elizabeth Elmore, formerly of Sarge

there was a stage and a PA
up in western Massachusetts.
the kids came from miles around
to get messed up on the music.

she drove down from Boden
with a carload of girlfriends.
to meet some boys and
maybe eat some mushrooms.

and they did and she got sick
now she's pinned and way too shaky
she don't want to tell the doctor
everything she' s taken.

the paramedics hovered over
like a somber mourning family.
they gave her activated charcoal
they flooded her with saline.

she got really hot and then she came to in the chillout tent.
they gave her oranges and cigarettes.

he was rough around the edges.
he'd been to school but never finished.
he'd been to jail but never prison.

it was his first day off in forever, man.
the festival seemed like a pretty good plan.
cruise some chicks and get a suntan.

his friend gave him four but he said only take one.
but then he got bored
he ended up taking all four.
so now my man he ain't that bored anyways.
the paramedics found him
he was shaking on the side of the stage.

everything was spinning and then he came to in the chillout tent
they gave him oranges and cigarettes.
she got really hot and then she came to in the chillout tent
they gave them oranges and cigarettes.

she looked just like a baby bird
all new and wet and trying to light a parliament.
he quoted her some poetry.
he's tennyson in denim and sheepskin.
he looked a lot like izzy stratlin.
they started kissing when the nurses took off their IVs.
it was kind of of sexy but it was kind of creepy.
their mouths were fizzy with the cherry cola.
they had the privacy of bedsheets
all the other kids were mostly in comas.

he was kind of cute.
they kind of kicked it in the chillout tent.
she never saw that boy again

she was pretty cool
they kind of kicked it in the chillout tent.
he never saw that girl again.

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