04 September 2007

Homeless Tails Special Reports

Pit Bulls-Myths & Reality

The Michael Vick case has brought dogfighting into the national spotlight. But to the people involved with animal welfare work in New Jersey, dogfighting and the overbreeding of pit bull type dogs are not news. Shelters around the state are crammed with unwanted dogs collectively known as "pit bulls", and struggle with decisions about the dogs' fates. While pit bull type dogs are widely feared today as they have been responsible for some brutal, even fatal attacks on pets and people, that wasn't always the case. When properly bred, trained and socialized, American Pit Bull Terriers are known to be friendly towards people, and make loyal, loving pets. Watch this Homeless Tails Special to learn about Liberty Humane Society's B.A.D. dogs program, and see how this Jersey City shelter carefully evaluates the temperaments of its dogs, to see which are adoptable and which are truly dangerous.

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