14 September 2007

Oh that O.J.

Check it out... a memorabilia dealer named Alfred Beardsley had some of O.J.'s stuff for sale. We don't know how he got it, but he had it and he was selling it. Most notably the suit O.J. was said to be wearing when he killed Nicole and her boyfriend.

So last night at the Palace Station Hotel in Vegas O.J. decided to "conduct a sting operation" - his words. I guess O.J. is a detective now with the power to conduct such covert ops.

O.J. told The Associated Press that he took memorabilia that belonged to him from a casino hotel room, but didn't break into the room. Uhhh...

Anyway, so the memorabilia dealer dude Beardsley sets up a meeting with some people he thinks are potential buyers. O.J. and his boys, posing as the potential buyers, met up with Beardsley in the hotel room... and pulled out guns and robbed everything in the room.

Beardsley, an experienced dealer wise to deals going bad, didn't have the suit in the room just in case, but everything else that wasn't nailed down was robbed by O.J. and two masked men with guns.

This is fucking classic.

First O.J. kills two people and gets away with it, then he writes a book about HOW he WOULD HAVE killed them IF he HAD killed them, and now he's conducting armed-sting operations in Las Vegas hotel rooms?

Can we please finally send this moron to jail for something? Or should we wait for him to write another book about HOW he WOULD HAVE robbed this dude IF he HAD in fact robbed him.

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No PC said...

Do ya know something? OJ Simpson is a walking argument against juries, and the combative nature of the Anglo Saxon jurisprudence.

The man was so guilty, that it was "impossible" to let him off, but because of race issues he gets set free .... if his wife had been black would the jury have found him guilty?

Under the French system he would have gone down because finding the truth is the aim, not beating the opposition like ours.

Let's hope that this time he finally gets the long visit to a correctional establishment that he so richly deserves .... mind you if it's another jury they will need CTV evidence as well.