26 September 2007

Swastika Mania!!

We've got big ones, small ones, we've got 'em on synagogues, we've got 'em on cars, we've got 'em on school buses, in hallways and staircases, we've got flyers stuffed on windshields; we've even got SS logos on Brownstones! You name it, we've got it here at Hal's Swastika Warehouse! Our prices simply can't be beat!

I dunno about all this swastika bullshit; bear with me; do I think its awful and callous and horrible? Of course, but I don't think theres some big conspiracy behind it; we certainly don't need to be paying 20 NYPD DETECTIVES to tackle this case! This seems to be the work of the recklessly callow; the temerarious and imbecilic youth a/k/a a few naive punks.

Some believe that Iranian leader and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presence in NYC could have something to do with the incidents. Eh, I dunno. Whoever did this shit had no idea it was Yom Kippor either. I bet these prolific vandals haven't even taken a college history class yet.

This was most likely the work of a few idiot teenagers with no concept or clue of the depth and severity associated with that collapsed cross; an ancient good luck symbol that Hitler hijacked forever associating it with hatred and atrocity. I guarantee if the 20 detectives assigned to this case find the dudes that did this, they'll be pimple faced teens with no motive except boredom and no true hate in their hearts for anyone.

They know the swastika as this crude, evil, lowest common denominator form of rebellion. They have no idea what it truly represents to most everyone. It's awful that this sort of ignorance can exist, but obviously, and rather tragically, it does.

Theres no way this was the work of some racist group of adults. This is the work of adolescent confusion, listlessness, ignorant rebellion and simple stupidity; and I am not saying its justified or excusable because of this, but there isn't much more behind it than that; blissfully naive kids with no real idea what the swastika truly symbolises to people.

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