02 October 2007

by popular demand... once again, from the vaults of the MPB Trustkill blog.

On this date in history: so crazy I posted exactly 1 year and 5 minutes apart!

October 2, 2004 @ 2:31 AM EST
hi from helsinki

greetings from double R's homeland. in an airport now in finland. show last night was insane!!!!! this place rules. we played at a club called stellastar. good band and a good club. nick cave and cannibal corpse were all in helsinki last night but we still managed to have an awesome, packed, sweaty, passionate show. it was really a lot of fun... i´m even smiling! after the rock show we all went back to the hotel and drank whiskey and hung with some underage chicks. actually we all went back and watched the presidential debate on bbc. total rock excess. soo thanx to everyone who helped us out here and took us to that awesome nepalese spot. good deal. ok so now we fly back to holland and then tonight we play in bochum, germany. 3 shows to go i think. see u soon basil. peace for now!! J - stage left

October 2, 2003 @ 2:36 AM EST
Joe Beningo

got up early and went to hang at the hatebreed video shoot at this little club across the street from the roseland. fun times. long day. basil came along and got in the mix. movie star pup. saw a bunch of old friends. tmrw we've gotta get up early for a sick "photo session" for alternative press. i thought i was in a band so i didn't have to deal with alarm clocks. oh well. see u in the morning.... J

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