03 October 2007

Where in the world is Shaheen Holloway?

I always loved simply hearing this dudes name; it just sounds like a star's name. Did he ever make it to the NBA? He was Seton Hall's pride and joy point guard for a good while. I'd heard he was playing over in England or maybe coaching over there, too? Now I think he's coaching in Iona? I know he coached for a while back at Seton Hall. I guess he never made it to the NBA? Maybe because he was only 5'10'' ? Can someone please help me out here?! I'm lost and confused and begging to be scooped on the life and times of Shaheen Holloway.


Anonymous said...

Shaheen is indeed an assistant coach now with Iona after serving as an administrative assistance (not quite assistant coach) last year at Seton Hall under Bobby Gonzalez. SHU had an assistant coaching vacancy open up right after Shaheen left, which is too bad as I would have liked for him to stay in the SHU family a little longer.

Read more about it here:

Gotham City Insider said...

Thanks. Is this Jerry? Is that your blog? Did Shaheen ever make it to the NBA? What happened? I'd heard he was playing for a British league. Can you elaborate?

Anonymous said...

He's currently back at Seton Hall as an assistant coach.. Love him!