30 November 2007

Brekkie for 2 in Midtown for under $20?
Hey, it can happen.

So our billionaire mayor and the Illinois-senator-turned-Cyrus-from-The-Warriors Barack Obama talked over eggs and home fries early this morning at a little breakfast spot on East 50th.

Breakfast at Barack's

Apparently Barack picked up the $17.34 check and left a $10 tip. This all according to their waitress, Judith Perez, whose life, sadly, is pretty much downhill from here.

My sources cannot confirm what the power brokers ate however I can confirm Barack was very impatient with his ketchup and did the thing where you stick a knife inside it to release the floodgates of sugary tomato goodness. What does this mean for his campaign? We really can't say.

Apparently Bloomberg had some cereal and then like my grandmother poured the remainder of his black coffee into the bowl when he ran out of milk.

Our billionaire mayor also wowed the waitstaff and ordered his breakfast in proper diner dialect.

Dough well done with cow to cover”, the mayor said, and “flop two, over hard willl ya?
All which translated means: buttered toast and a fried egg, flipped and cooked until the yolk is solid.

Naturally NBC is now reporting that there is already speculation about an Obama-Bloomberg ticket.

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