06 November 2007

Thoughts on proposed transit fare hike

Unbelievably after some light thought, I'm starting to side with the MTA on the fare hike. I'm starting to think mass transit is a lot like the post office. I mean, 41¢ to physically send a letter across the country? I think that's fair. $2.25 for a subway ride, is it really THAT horrible? what else can you buy with $2.25 these days? honestly; its sad, but true.

I take the express bus everyday; theres a sense of entitlement on the express buses. people act like they're boarding the luxury coach to Las Vegas. its a commuter bus with carpeted seats, lets relax.

people act like for $5 they should have a first-class meal, a movie and a few cocktails. its $5. Five Dollars. what the fuck can you even buy with $5 these days? maybe a bagel and a coffee with some change? a slice of pizza and a soda maybe?

this is 2007. $2.25 is not a lot of money for a subway ride. and $5.25 isn't a lot of money to avoid the subway and go above ground in a bus.

so lets stop complaining. yes, service sometimes sucks. lets up the ante there. you wanna charge us more, put more trains and buses out there. that's fair. but what they're asking now and what they're proposing for in the future isn't much for the service provided. people want the four seasons. its a fucking subway ride. Re. lax.

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