28 December 2007

Check, Please!

Roxanne Basandella is a teacher from Whitestone. She teaches at Drexel Avenue School in Westbury.

Roxanne was recently awarded the 2007 New York State English Council's Elementary School Teacher of the Year Award.

For what? You ask.

Roxanne used Bon Jovi to teach her students about literary devices and grammar.

Roxanne said while more traditionally taught literature can often be too complex, Bon Jovi is just right.

"Things like English idioms to them are completely over their heads. It doesn't matter how they try to explain to them," she said. "But when Bon Jovi says 'on a steel horse I ride,' they immediately say he means on a tour bus."

Thank you, and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

I think he meant a motorcycle but whatever. QBee

No PC said...

Hey Dude ... interesting blog man, but you need to really rethink your comments display ... they should either be visible on the page (best for layout etc), or as a separate popup ... this new page opening is really bugging, and loses all the layout when anyone looks at comments.

It's easy to go into setting and change the way they are displayed.

Anonymous said...

ppl can read the story and then read the comments, wtf are you going on about?