18 December 2007

I Want To Hate Rachael Ray

And I think I'm almost there it's just that she is so good with her support of dog rescue groups, oft plugging pet adoption and the importance of adopting over breeding and buying...

Rachael has a pit bull she adopted from a shelter named Isaboo. A lot of dolts pray at the altar of Rachael Ray and when she speaks, people listen...

She gave props to the The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar project and last years calendar sold out literally ten minutes after she opened her mouth and proceeds from the sale of the calendars benefited the top rescue and advocacy organisations across the country.

But her abbreviation of every goddamn word has got to stop. This morning, in a Dunkin Donuts radio advert, I heard her shorten "solution" to "saloosh". And there are plenty of other problems I have with the Rachael Ray lexicon. Don't get me started on her utterly annoying most recent portmanteaus: "Quicklicious" and "Gingeriffic".

I think Curly said it best, "You are moidering the King's English!"


Anonymous said...

I'm with you 110%

It’s Rachael Ray’s world, we just eat in it.

Time Magazine declared her one of the 100 people who “shape our world” last year!!!

Oh and it was announced yesterday that Rachael’s contract has been extended beyond the Bush administration.

That means at least 120 more episodes of her daytime cooking show as well as the premiere of a new show, Rachael’s Vacation that begins airing in January.

This new series will follow the militantly perky star as she “discovers the distant cities, countries, foods, and lifestyles that continue to amaze and excite her. Viewers will experience the hip, fun, and funky places she loves,” like “shoe stores, street fairs and bookstores.”

Gouge my eyes out with a wooden ladle, will ya?

Anonymous said...

I think you're just pissed that she stole your word shortening. Commish!

Anonymous said...

I like how Rachael Ray, was on a Food Network special, "Food Network Unwrapped", drinking a Starbuck's coffee! I thought she was a Dunkin Donuts' coffee drinker. What gives? This program was produced this month. How much do they pay her to do the commercials? I think they should ask for a refund, because she clearly prefers Starbucks' to DD coffee. Isn't that false advertising for her to say she loves their product, but yet she doesn't drink it? I remember reading a People Magazine and there was a full page ad for DD coffee, and she made the statement that she has always loved DD coffee and can't start her day without it. Sounds like she only loves it when it comes with a check attached, otherwise she's drinking Starbucks. DD got taken. I think they should replace her with someone a little more honest, maybe then their donuts wont cost as much if they aren't shelling out so much cash for her.