19 December 2007

Posted from my Dell

“Sent from my Blackberry”
“Sent from my iPhone”

These signatures irritate me. And there is a way to remove them so these people are either too dumb, don't care or actually think they're hot shit because they're writing you from their flavour-of-the-month PDA and they need you to know about it.

I think I'm gonna signing all my messages with “Sent from my fucking spaceship” or maybe “Sent from my secret underground lair in your mothers ear”. How's about that?

I read an article by one Mitch Wagner who wonders if the coda “Sent from my iPhone” is the mark of an actual doofus. As if there is some sort of difference betwixt “Sent from my Blackberry” and “Sent from my iPhone”. I always found them both equally dumb, I never differentiated, though I guess some do.

Some seem to masquerade that “Sent from my Blackberry” somehow sends a subtle (read: blatant) signal to your correspondents that you're taking care of business and getting shit done even though you're not in the office; even when you're in the elevator or getting your shoes shined.

Paul Boutin writes on Slate: “An e-mail that says 'Sent from my Blackberry' gives the impression that you're on the move but still chained to work, e-mailing from the elevator.”

Boutin continues, “An e-mail that says 'Sent from my iPhone' conjures an image of a doofus who wants you to know he has an iPhone."

Funny he should say that, because that's exactly what I used to think when I saw the "Sent from my BlackBerry" coda — it conjured an image of an asshole who wanted me to know he was so important and so "on the move", that he was writing from his Blackberry.

Either way, you're a clown if you don't remove these auto-codas which are really nothing more than free advertising for your PDA maker. This site will tell you how to get rid of them. Now you've got no excuse. Erase that shit. You're really not that important.

Sent from my Blackberry

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