20 December 2007

Dudes Skin Turns Blue From Drinking Too Much Colloidal Silver

Which way should I go with the headline? Something about the Blue Man Group could work, or maybe something about the guy having a real, blue Christmas.

Or maybe something about designer skin being the new thing? Or maybe something about that nut on Staten Island offering up $5K for her lost Blue Sable Chihuahua?

Or maybe something about him listening to The Cure too much? I mean, we could go a myriad ways with it; all equally dumb. It's almost too easy. So I'll just give you the link and you can see for yourself. Either way, its creepy as fuck.

Some dude has been drinking colloidal silver for about 15 years. He injects silver into his drinking water somehow by using two metal electrodes. He says it's a bona fide cure-all. Only thing is, it turned his skin blue like Poppa Smurf. Like, for reals.

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