09 January 2008

Anthony Bourdain Is The Culinary Henry Rollins

I've read all of Bourdain's (non-fiction) books. I think I like the guy. I roll my eyes when he speaks ignorantly about vegans and vegetarians but other than that, I like his style. But has anyone seen the teasers for the new season of Bourdain's Travel Channel show, No Reservations?

I don't know what the fuck is going on, but its Bourdain in the middle of a small kitchen somewhere, sitting in a semi-circle with some Asians and they're all covered in bright red blood; and theres a carcass of something or other laying in the middle of the circle, torn apart, dissected, totally indecipherable but probably pig. It may be one of the most gruesome things I have ever seen in my life. Like an actual crime scene or an Unsane album cover.

The best part is the little promo ends with a flicker of all the spots Bourdain visits on the new season; I can't wait to learn that this bloody carcass kitchen ritual actually took place in Flushing, Queens or something and meanwhile he's in Namibia or Jakarta or somewhere crazy and he's sampling pizza and vanilla ice cream. Which reminds me, we still need to sample the steak frites at Les Halles Brasserie.

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