07 January 2008

"Comedian" Lives in Paramus IKEA While His NYC Apartment Is Cleaned

Who hasn't dreamt of living in an IKEA for a night?

Ever since I was a kid I thought it would be so cozy to get locked in a department store after it closes. Well, now this, uh, comedian Mark Malkoff is doing just that. I guess his apartment in the city is being fumigated so he needed a place to crash for a week and decided to make a bit out of it.

Surprisingly IKEA liked the idea and agreed to let Mark crash for the week in their Paramus store.

Malkoff is the same doof who did the wackariffic "171 Starbucks'' bit where he attempted to visit, drink or eat something in every Starbucks location in Manhattan within 24 hours. He accomplished the feat only to realise he'd missed a few stores. What a dumbass.

Anyway, naturally Mark's got a website up where I guess you can follow along his week trapped in IKEA. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Homegirls web-thingy states he is a "Comedian/Filmmaker"...yes,that's with 2 m's

Watch out George Lucas,ikea-boy is hot on your heels...

I'm now inspired to be a "Astronaut/Linguist"