14 January 2008

O That's Not Snow, It's Asbestos

Well, 'twas a high octane Sunday night with another panic storm that would never come looming over our heads like a grand piano on a length of bakery string. We watched the Giants dismantle da Cowboys thanks to my boy and new household name, R.W. McQuarters. I watched a très bizarre Golden Globe makeshift press conference that had me wondering what an awards show might look like after a nuclear war and if a tree falls in a forest... I read that Roger Avary, the dude who wrote Pulp Fiction, had been arrested on suspicion of DUI manslaughter after a crash that killed a man and injured Avary's wife. A truck carrying asbestos fell over on the Clearview in Queens. The driver hopped out and ran away, but then had second thoughts, returning to the scene where he was arrested. Nice one. A dude from Doylestown, Pennsylvania got in trouble for writing "Fuck You" on the memo line of a check he'd written to pay a parking ticket. Hahahaha! I do this all the time! I usually write "petty fines" or something like that. Then again sometimes I click the "Español" or Chinese language option when I withdraw money from the ATM. I enjoy a challenge. It's a real thrill.

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