10 January 2008

One Hanson Place Just About Ready

Do they make Swiffers that go that high? One Hanson Place Photoset by Josh Bousel/flickr

I've always loved this building. Ye olde Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building. Over the past two years the 512 foot tower has been converted into luxury condos. I hate condos. I hate the idea of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for an apartment. Apartments are for renting. Homes are for owning. That being said, I'd pay for an apartment in this building. For One Hanson Place, I'll make an exception; I'll throw 'em a bone.

My internist used to have his office high up in this building and I'd always marvel at the lobby like a family from Blytheville in midtown. The dark mocha wood floors creaked brilliantly in the long turquoise halls. The upper floors felt like an old public school, the staircases and banisters, too. It just felt strong and famous. Built to last. They had the old detective doors with the frosted glass and the doctor's name etched on the outside in gold foiling. It was gorgeous.

I think I had my rectal temperature taken right by that throw pillow

Apparently the building itself is 70% sold and just today Eliot Brown from The Observer wrote that move-ins were actually starting in less than a week!, which I was shocked to read because when I walked by there last weekend it most definitely did not look a week away from being ready at all. I still saw dumpsters and dust, fire trucks and scaffolding and all sorts of behind the scenes Muppet Show antics.

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Anonymous said...

I look at these condos they run about 800 a sqft

angela said...

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