30 January 2008

Woman's Body Parts Found Strewn Along I-80

Oh, I-80 what have you done now?

Apparently a woman's severed head was found yesterday in a Hefty bag along I-80, one of 8 bags containing body parts discovered so far beside the road running through northeastern Pennsylvania. The parts are believed to belong to the same victim but it was unclear whether all the body parts had been found. The first bag was found Tuesday morning near the Mount Pocono exit of I-380 by a worker salting the highway.

I've seen all sorts of crazy shit traveling God's Great Black Way but never an errant body part or human head. One time I saw the truck that goes around collecting all the roadkill and it was really fucking depressing. This big dump truck just brimming with a giant pile of lifeless deer. So awful. Can you imagine the spirits? It was sorta like seeing the secret "money train" that collects all the money at night like a phantom from the stations, except really sad and bugged out.

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