19 February 2008

Marilyn Monroe as The Nude Hitchhiker

Lawrence Nicastro plans to unveil what he says is a rare, never before seen photo of Marilyn Monroe posing as a nude hitchhiker. Larry says he found the photo last year while going through storage items at his Las Vegas home.

Nicastro was running a garage in the Bronx when a man dropped off a Ford Sunliner convertible for repairs on New Year's Eve 1962. When the man didn't return to pick up his car, Nicastro did like any Bronx mechanic would, he opened the trunk and cleaned it out.

Apparently the photo was taken near Pyramid Lake, near Reno, in 1960. Monroe filmed her second to last movie,"The Misfits" with Clark Gable in 1960 in Nevada before dying 2 years later.

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