21 February 2008

More Cast Changes In Store For Law & Order

This is not a tragedy. A tragedy is three men trapped in a mine, or police dogs used in Birmingham.”

Jesse Martin has been with the show since since 1999 as "Detective Ed Green" but now he says he's leaving to portray Marvin Gaye in a movie costarring Tony Soprano. Huhwhowhat?

I never knew you could leave this franchise, I assumed you could only die your way out like Jerry Orbach.

Martin is set to play Marvin Gaye in "Sexual Healing," a movie biography of the ill-fated singer, with James Gandolfini costarring. Gandolfini's production company, Attaboy Films, is set to begin filming this spring.

The movie is supposed to focus on Gaye’s latter, post-Motown years during his self-imposed exile in Belgium up to his brief comeback in the early-’80s and his tragic killing in 1983.

In March, 1983, Marvin gave his final performance in front of his old mentor and label for Motown 25, performing "What's Going On". He then embarked on a U.S. tour to support his album. The tour, ending in August 1983, was plagued by health problems and Gaye's bouts with depression, and fear over an alleged attempt on his life.

When the tour ended, he isolated himself by moving into his parents' house. He threatened to commit suicide several times after numerous bitter arguments with his father, Marvin, Sr.

Little Richard revealed that Gaye had premonitions of his murder in his final years of life. Then on April 1, 1984, one day before his 45th birthday, Gaye's father shot and killed him after an argument that had started after Marvin's parents argued over misplaced business documents.

Marvin, Sr. later was sentenced to six years of probation after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Charges of first-degree murder were dropped after doctors discovered Marvin, Sr. had a brain tumour.

So who will take Detective Ed Green's spot on the show? Motherfuckin' Anthony Anderson, thats who.

Anthony Anderson whom you might recognise as "Louis Booker" from Kangaroo Jack, which is an in-flight favourite on transcontinental trips.

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