19 February 2008

Sometimes I Miss Having Roommates

I've long since left the hippie commune life behind but the amount of randomness roommates inject into your everyday life is truly unequaled and sometimes, I'll admit, I do miss it.

Chasing my rock n' roll dream for as long as I did meant I shared quite a few apartments with quite a few characters. More people means less rent, less bills and more lunacy. There is really no way for it not to become sitcom-esque.

One of my most favourite roommates was a girl I'll call "B". Picture a redhead Anna Nicole Smith and that's pretty much her. We met B on tour in Florida and soon found out she was from our neighbourhood - small world. Long story short, a few years later she was living with me, and 2 other people in an apartment near the Brooklyn Army Terminal on 2nd Avenue.

B was great to live with for a myriad reasons but mainly for her sweet, genuine ridiculousness and her innocent insanity. B wasn't trying to be crazy, she just was.

One time B came home frustrated and said, "I've been to the gym 3 times today and I still don't see a difference!!". I gently reminded her she needed to go 4 times before she'd see a difference.

B had a lot of odd jobs and for a while B drove a taxi. One day she stopped by the house to pee while she was on the clock. I noticed something weird under her shirt. Turned out B was wearing a slice of tin foil across her stomach like a cummerbund because she had read it would help her lose weight.

Anyway, I still keep in touch with B and love her dearly because she hasn't changed. Earlier she sent me this email:

“ From: B

Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 2:00 PM

To: XX

Subject: Question

Why is midnight at 12am? Shouldn’t it be like 6pm? ”

Y'know, the girl's got a point...


Anonymous said...

"B" Sound Retarded and Beautiful Luv Ya from "L"

Unknown said...

glad to see if if youre not responding you are listening.