26 March 2008

Coming Clean/ Blog Liner Notes

In light of everything you may have seen splattered all over the Wall Street Journal these days I may not be at this desk much longer. I still don't know for sure but I figured I may as well start packing up my stuff and dragging my 'favourite places' into an email to send home later.

I'm realising I have no idea what some of these links are (or why I've saved them) so this should be an exciting and possibly embarassing excercise. I think some may be links for stories I'd planned to do that never made it past the cutting room floor. Our editors here are tough!

So I figured why not save all the links here so you too can see what I've had stored for the past year or so while I did this blog at work. It will also shed some light on my secret sources of aggregation; you know, all the wonderful news I write about that you've grown to love and cherish; apublic spring cleaning if you will!

If the links aren't self-explanatory I'll try to give a brief description so even you can understand. Enjoy!

The New York Radio Message Board - NY radio geek HQ

Associated Press: National News via the feed from the Las Vegas Sun

Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy blog - a bona fide list nut who has been known to aggregate some serious jewels

AP Breaking News feed via some Tampa Bay website

TMZ.com - its a love/hate relationship

Professor Hex Scholar of the Strange and Mysterious - can't recall the last time I clicked on this one but I had it saved for some reason or another

The Avatars of Ganesha - no clue, must've been bulking up on my Indian gods and goddesses for Jeopardy!

wood s lot blog - Hmmm... not sure, looks like some intellectual interviews with artists and writers.

AN INTRODUCTION TO ASTROLOGY - I can't ever remember the symbols and their corresponding months

Punk & the Swastika - Fashion 1

Still Married, With Children, but in Russian - NY Times article on the Russian smash hit sitcom, "Schastlivy Vmeste" a remake of "Married With Children"

Barnes & Noble.com - Opium: The Diary of a Cure - never got around to buying this one, but xmas is 9 months away!

The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator - this is great

random link to an old photo of a sled dog team howling - a random link to an old photo of a sled dog team howling

cassette tape culture - all sorts of cassette art and clothing, eh too ironic

The NY Inquirer - somewhat cryptic article about the Diamond District

Google image search: 'ganguro'

"Tanya Jones, Alcor's chief operating officer, holds a container that will be filled with liquid nitrogen and used to preserve a human head at minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit..."

Wikipedia's link to 'The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed' - from research on an aborted article about this Soviet 5-part television miniseries and cult classic from 1979

Snopes.com - list of actors who have died in front of an audience, on stage or TV

Listen to Ron & Fez online - one of my all-time favourite radio shows, great for those long days when its 10:30 for about 4 hours

Through the Brooklens blog "Photographic wanderings through Brooklyn and beyond"

INSIDE RADIO - leading industry news, ratings and classifieds

Wikipedia's link to A Contract with God, and Other Tenement Stories - from research on an aborted article on the famous graphic novel/comic book by the late, great Will Eisner

igourmet link to truffle honey - which is great drizzled on cheese

"Why aren't radio stations allowed to say "Super Bowl" on the air?"

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