12 March 2008

What is the difference between Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, Eau Fraiche, etc?

“Picked me up on the Lower East Side
She smelled like church, heliotrope and thyme
She drove so wild I almost cried
"There's no hell when you die", she said, "So don't look so worried..."
Spring was here, on Baer and Vine
They called the cops, they dropped a dime
Orange blossoms, orris, rose, and musk
Vanilla absolutes, the cistus shrubs slept 'til dusk
Then night fell hard and the concrete laughed
Laughed so hard, we thought it was gassed
Like Queen Jane or Jumpin' Jack Flash
And like the leaves are evergreen
Meant we what knew they if, cared never we
She knew when to cry and when to smile carelessly
She taught me the difference between Eau De Parfum and toilette...

These terms refer to the strength and potency of the fragrance, or more specifically, to how much high grade alcohol and/or water that has been added to dilute/stretch the fragrance oils.

Parfum (generally the most concentrated form you can buy) has 15-25% perfume oil dissolved in alcohol. Any mixture with a lower proportion of oil to alcohol is known as an Eau. K?

Eau Fraiche (Usually 3% or less perfume oil)

Eau de cologne - EDC (2 - 5% perfume oil)

Eau de toilette - EDT (4 - 10% perfume oil)

Eau de parfum - EDP (8 - 15% perfume oil)

Soie de Parfum (15 - 18% perfume oil)

PARFUM (15 - 25% also sometimes referred to as Extract or Extrait)

Perfume oil (15-30% perfume oil in an oil rather than alcohol base)

You may also see the term Parfum de Toilette. Most companies use this term to describe a concentration that is either the same as Eau De Parfum, or between Eau De Parfum and Parfum.

The 3 most common perfume fragrances you will purchase are:

PARFUM - This is one of the strongest perfume fragrances available. This means that you need to use less and the fragrance will last much longer depending on your skin type. Will last 6 to 8 hours.

EAU DE PARFUM - This is lighter than the Parfum and is less expensive, but still has a long lasting fragrance. Will last from 3 to 5 hours.


EAU DE TOILETTE -This is a lighter fragrance and is therefore most used for the casual everyday use. It is less expensive than Eau de Parfum. Usually lasts for 2 to 4 hours.

That's all for now. À demain...