25 July 2008

Are Truckers Healthy?

Over the years of traveling the highways and byways of our fair country I've garnered a new found respect for truckers and the thankless job they do. Y'vall heard the song "Convoy" by C.W. McCall, right?

Yes, they're a bit of a cult; they talk funny, their bathroom stall graffiti is suspect, they can somehow sit for 12 hours a day awake and alone, they drink a lot of bad coffee, they shower at gas stations and eat from 24-hour buffets that raccoons wouldn't even touch but they are absolutely vital in making this country move. Even in 2008, not everything is flown, most of it is still driven. Driven a long, long way to get where its gotta go. (cue "Eastbound And Down" by Jerry Reed). Without truckers, the world would seriously slow the fuck down and quick.

And while I've always dreamt of pulling over my 18-wheeler on the shoulder and crawling cozy in the cab for a few hours'a shuteye, I give these guys all the credit in the world for doing what they do and being away from their families for so long. And where the fuck do u think the mesh hat came from?

How Healthy Are Truckers? What it takes for a commercial driver to pass the government physical. {O, Slate, what ever am I to do with you?}

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