11 August 2008

The video for "Bitter Sweet Symphony" features Richard Ashcroft lip-syncing the song while walking down a busy street; Ashcroft refuses to change his stride or direction throughout, apparently oblivious to what is going on around him.

He repeatedly bumps into passers-by (causing at least one to trip and fall), narrowly avoids being hit by a car, and jumps on top of the bonnet of another vehicle stopped in his path. The end of the video leads into the beginning of the video for "The Drugs Don't Work".

Ashcroft starts walking from the southeast corner of the intersection of Hoxton and Falkirk Streets in Hoxton, North London, subsequently proceeding north along the east side of Hoxton Street.

The "sidewalk journey" format was inspired by the music video for the Massive Attack song "Unfinished Sympathy", in which Shara Nelson sings while walking through a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Filming for the video took two days due to an interruption on the first day; a passing man, unaware of the nature of the video shoot, attacked Ashcroft after he bumped into him. Because of this extras were used during the second day of filming.

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eindeloze sfeer said...

Funny. I just discovered your blog as I was listening to "History" on Northern Soul. I was searching for screeds about the tackiness of scented candles.