03 August 2008

We Live In A Perfect World

I don't even know why we need police anymore because apparently all they do is shoot innocent, upstanding, law abiding, model citizens.

Our streets are totally safe. Everyone is innocent and wonderful. There are no criminals. No murderers. No rapists. No bank robbers. No people who would lunge at a cop with a knife. Nothing. Just peace and harmony. Tulips and doves. And the police come along and just shoot some random people for no reason whatsoever.

At least that's what you'd think if you believed everything you fucking read lately. Now there's a new story.

This time its a 20-year-old dude named Darryl Battle. Daryl was shot yesterday morning in his Bed-Stuy apartment after he threatened two cops with a knife during a prearranged meeting in his home.

And so now of course Darryl's family is saying they're not sure Battle threatened the officers or if he was even armed at all. Keep in mind Daryl's sister and cousin were also home at the time but they were upstairs asleep. His sleeping cousin said Daryl would never have threatened police once he invited them into his home.

Police said Daryl Battle pulled an 11-inch-long kitchen knife from his waistband and came at one of the officers after they told him to go to the precinct with them. The detective, a trained hostage negotiator, tried to persuade the 20-year-old to drop the knife, but he backed the detective into a corner with the blade.

The detective fired a single shot, which hit Daryl in the torso. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Do you honestly fucking think that with all the shit thats gone on over the past year or so that a cop would shoot an unarmed man? At this point I'd say a cop is more reluctant than ever before because we've made it that way. He has got to be 1000% sure his life is in danger because he knows the scrutiny that will follow if and when he discharges his weapon. The detective who shot Daryl is a 20-year New York Police Department veteran who had never been involved in a police shooting.

Daryl's family has asked a special prosecutor to look into the incident.

Daryl Battle had agreed to meet with police in his family's brownstone. Daryl was suspected of cashing a bad check for roughly $1,000 in Manhattan on 19 July.

Will there ever be a fucking situation where we say "yeah, look, you know what, its fucking tragic and sad but the dude pulled a gun on the cop" or "yeah, it was fucked up. the kid was scared and he pulled a knife on the cop" and so the cop shot him!??!?!?!?!!! This is getting insane now.

I'm sure Rev. Al will be mugging it up for the cameras first thing tomorrow morning and we'll hear all about Daryl Battle's grades in school and his church & community work and the like.

This is tragic. It's sad that someone died here. It's very sad but I'm siding with the cops on this one once again. And race has nothing to do with it this time. I'm interested to see how Al spins this one.


Chez said...

Al will spin it whichever way ensures that his fucking ridiculous face will get in all the papers and on all the networks. I can practically hear the sound of cable news show bookers furiously calling him right now.

Anonymous said...

Tragic for the family (perp's and cop's) but I'll betcha $50 that the News and Post will post a smiling Jr. High graduation picture of the knife kid.