19 March 2009

What the hell is a "Bee"?!

We have spelling BEE's but why don't you ever hear of any other kind of Bee?

Wait a minute, what does “Bee” even mean?!

Apparently "bee" was a word used to describe a gathering of friends to accomplish a task. So like if I was moving and I needed my friends to help me I'd have a “moving bee”.

I guess “bee” was strictly reserved for serious situations when people were needed to help build a barn or clear some bramble and shit like that. “A bee was often both a social and utilitarian event. Jobs like corn husking or sewing, could be done as a group to allow socialization during an otherwise tedious chore. Such bees often included refreshments and entertainment provided by the group.”

Its etymology isn't quite clear but possibly derived from the Old English word bēn for “prayer”. However, because the word describes people working together in a social group it is more commonly assumed that the term “bee” was derived from the insect of the same name and their similar social behavior - hanging out in honeycombs and shit.

I say let's bring the term back. It's cool. Let's start by having a “rent bee” where you all come and pay my rent and I'll serve diet ginger ale. Sound good?

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