07 May 2009

Of course

Of course the watch I like in the men's fashion magazine is the $14,000 one. Of course we met at the Viceroy in Miami. Of course we had brunch at Arabelle every Sunday; mint juleps and blueberry buckwheat pancakes depending on the weather. For some reason she preferred french toast when it was raining. I must admit, she had a very cozy appetite. She'd wake up wanting everything from blueberry scones and ice cream cones to a B.L.T. or something from The Crêperie. Of course we took the long way home. I told the driver to take the week off. He always got us home too quick. Sometimes that was what we wanted but not today. Today she and I wanted to swim beneath the waterlogged branches in Central Park. We wanted to hear and feel the wet sky irrigate around us. The clouds were unwrapping themselves to bestow their gorgeous gift and the trees sounded like dogs lapping it up after a long walk on the third Thursday in July. Even Broadway felt boggy under foot. A marshy coastline of winding miry roads leading to the wet mucky sad-eyed lowland. There were the two tölts playing in the muddy barnyard, sloshing throught the quaggy terrain way over yonder by the sloughy edge of the pond like a barefoot hobo playing an old beat up Dobro over by the swampy bayous. Of course I had one half of the Ace of Hearts in my hat and the other in my wallet, dog-eared from prayers. You never know when a prayer might come true. They get all backed up in the system. You may still be waitin' on that one from when you were 5 and then one day BANG! It arrives! and you've forgotten all about it. That's what they really mean by "be careful what you wish for". It's a timing thing. It takes time. Like mom's sauce on Sundays. Of course there's no calendars or deadlines. It comes when it comes so be sure you pray for something really timeless and classic; something very necessary. Like a pair of tortoiseshell Wayfarers, a Roman numeral Swiss Made or an American pickup truck. You don't want your wishes to go out of style.