30 July 2009

Did We Depose The Droid?!

Those of you familiar with this blog will know that for the past two years I have been trying to uncover the mystery of the underwriting announcer on WNYC (Out of towners note: WNYC is our cozy local NPR affiliate here in the tri-state area.)

I sent letters and wrote emails to various contacts and moles deep within the station and was completely stonewalled. Slowly but surely people began commenting on my post(s) and sure enough I soon realized I wasn't alone. Yes, there were others out there who were also annoyed by her robotic cadence and wanted to know who this mysterious voice belonged to. We became a rogue army; an undeniable clamor.

And on this 30th day of July in the year of our lord 2009 I hereby claim VICTORY! I think. Unconfirmed reports and earwitnesses (myself included) have noticed a new voice reading the underwriting announcements on WNYC. The robot is mysteriously absent.

Now I doubt we would ever get an answer from WNYC on what happened and why but one can only assume it was because of us. Sweet vindication at last! Although, I'd guess in a few months we'll begin to miss the old android for she gave us such fun, while at times maddening, highfalutin fodder and god knows, these days, we can use a new and interesting common enemy. I smell a documentary.

The people have spoken.

To be continued...

See where it all began in December of 2007: Foiled Again: NPR's Tweed Wall Of Silence


Yonkers_Sidecar said...

Oh, the humanity! She's ack!! And not just a little bit back. She's all the way back. Why would someone do that to us?? It's so unfair.

Chris said...

Did anyone ever find out who that dreadful Stepford woman is? There's just something about the way she clips her words while intoning the obligatory litany of underwriters every half hour. Not only is her delivery style wooden, plastic, devoid of meaning and generally annoying, but there's a discernible character in her voice which suggests a certain sickening variety false modesty and cutesyness (at least to my ears). Barf.

Listening to her delivery every morning is the price I choose pay to support my local NPR station. I'll switch back to supporting them the old-fashioned way as soon as she's gone.

Gotham City Insider said...

"Listening to her delivery every morning is the price I choose pay to support my local NPR station."

haha. very clever.

feigndisdain said...

I was deceived in thinking she was replaced also. For a brief moment in the summer there was a man doing those spots, but she must have been on vacation. She really drives me mad: same intonation, inflection, cadence. And when they string like 8 of those together, it's so grating.

Martal said...

Fooled and foiled again! GCI, did you ever hear from anyone at WNYC? Might it be worth a 3rd thread? 'Cos not only is the dreaded Droid back from her recent Spring Break, but now there's another sibilant would-be siren in the mix. HELP!