07 August 2009

Scene From A Bagel Store

Starring me and the cashier.
Overcast day - light rain falling.

She: (referring to my cap) Neh - Nehpp - Nehppoli? What's that?

Me: Huh? Oh! My cap. Napoli... its where my family is from... in Italy.

She: Well, they have one in India, too. Neppalee or something.

Me: You mean Nepal. NAY PAHL. Its in between India and China.

She: Yeah. NAY PAHL. I think. I saw a TV show where it said once a year they let everyone there smoke marijuana because it brings them closer to god.

Me: (somewhat flummoxed) Wow. Uh. Yeah. Sounds like a good time to be over there then, huh?

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Guess who said...

Is that in Texas?