29 May 2007

Girlfriend upset boyfriend changed her ring tone

Mina Tran, 22, and her boyfriend Phillip Lei, 27, were on their way to a movie Saturday night in Phil’s Acura when suddenly Phil thought he’d left his phone back at the pool hall.

Phil asked Mina to call his phone to make sure it wasn’t in the car. But when the phone rang under his seat he smiled relieved while Mina recoiled in shock and disgust.

What the fuck ring is that? You put me back on the default ringer? What, I’m just one of your little ho’s now?!”, Mina raged.

Phil tried to explain that he’d gone into Mina’s contact to try and edit her name so when she called it would come up as ‘Mina Baby’ but he “must’ve forgotten to reset the ring tone back to the special one”.

Mina became so inconsolable she had Phil drop her off at the train station. They haven’t spoken since but remain in each others’ Top 24.

“I’m hopeful”, Phil said.


Tyrel Souza said...

My Ex Girlfriend did that to me once. Fucking Psycho.

Anonymous said...

This is possibly the stupidest thing i've read all day. shame on you.