25 May 2007

How much I gotta tip this fuggin guy?

Whilst doing some personal research, I came across this cool site.

What 2 Tip tells you exactly that, what to tip everybody from your doorman to the DJ at your wedding. Its broken down into sections like Weddings, Funerals, Movers, Shoeshine, etc.

Speaking of which, I got a nice spitshine today on Park Ave. The cat was mumblin' about it being a long weekend and "no work Monday", he was really laying it on thick, vying for a fat tip.

He did give me an amazing shine, I'll give him that much. The shoes still look wet hours later.

So I've been there before and I know the shine only costs $3 but I never know what to tip. In the past I think I've tipped 2 or 3 bucks but I was so unsure.

I guess the dude thought I was rich, must've been the suit. So I wound up giving him $8, three for the shine and FIVE for a tip.

The entire place ERUPTED and started thanking me and telling me to have a good weekend and "How did I like my shine?"... I swear if I'd stayed another moment I thought they were gonna start handing me free keychains and t-shirts.

I obviously tipped way too much and now these dudes think I'm Nelson R. and next time I'm in there if I tip anything less than $6 I'm gonna look like a deadbeat.



Anonymous said...

This comes as a shock to me, Justin, you're usually a big spender but a lousy tipper. I notice these things.

Anonymous said...

HEY! - me