24 May 2007

Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Department Gets Its Own ZIP Code: 10022-SHOE

Saks Fifth Avenue says its new shoe department is so goddamn big and fancy it's getting its own ZIP code. Well fuck me in the ear and call me Raul.

The quintessential Manhattan store is revamping its shoe department, and when it moves from the 4th floor to the 8th floor in August customers will be able to send mail to 10022-SHOE. Why or what the fuck they'd need or want to send to the shoe department of Saks is beyond me. The $7 an hour delivery men will still have to use the same freight elevators, so this zip code thing is really just a bunch of pomp and circumstance bullshit.

"We believe it's such a big move for us it deserves its own ZIP code,'' Saks spokeswoman Lesley Langsam Kennedy said Thursday. "We wanted to make it a destination.'' Eat it, Langsam.

The retailer worked with the U.S. Postal Service on the new ZIP code -- but only the last four characters, which aren't necessary when you're mailing something, are specialized. The rest of the midtown neighborhood, which includes St. Patrick's Cathedral, shares 10022.

Uhhh, so basically this entire story is a bunch of fuckshit. You can address a package to Saks at 10022-SUCK MY HOLE and it'll still get there just fine; its all a publicity stunt I guess.

It reminds me of those 1-800 numbers where they advertise the entire slogan in the number. "Just call 1-800-I WANT A NEW CAR REALLY BAD AND REALLY CHEAP" and you're still dialing in numbers as the operator is screaming "Hello? Hello? HELLO!"

The new 8,500-square-foot Saks showroom at the flagship Fifth Avenue store will have more shoes, more service and more stock room capability, Langsam Kennedy said. It also will feature a VIP room for private shopping, spacious seating, refreshments, shoe repair on hand and a state-of-the-art blow job machine, she said.

Saks operates 54 stores in 25 states and two stores in the Middle East.

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