08 June 2007


  • Finally! What I've always, ALWAYS wanted! A pair of Joy Division running sneakers!?!

  • It's June in Wyoming. What better a time for a snowstorm?

  • Fist-fight breaks out on floor of Alabama Senate... Oh, please.

  • I've always thought about doing this.

  • U 2 Many Cooks In The Kitchen... U2 is in the studio with super producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. Holy cockfight, Batman! Oh, and they're recording in Morocco. I mean, where else can you get that perfect kick drum sound?

  • The head of a limousine service has been indicted on charges of helping to loot his business of more than $1 million and using much of that for a successful political campaign in Africa. The rest of his body has not been indicted however.

  • A fiber-optic network linking Wall Street to the Poconos will be built as part of Pennsylvania's effort to persuade financial services companies to establish back-up operations in the state. Sweet, now I can buy and sell from the comfort of my bubbling heart-shaped jacuzzi at the Mount Airy Lodge.

  • Cops shoot burglarizing bear. Allright! Go get 'em boys!

  • Livin' La Vida Not Too Loca, OK guys? Ricky Martin has been chosen as the King of this weekend's 50th annual Puerto Rican Day parade and he is asking all his boricua brothers and sisters to behave.

  • Though famously press-shy ever since "The Sopranos" blindsided him with stardom, Gandolfini opens up to AP about the finale and life after Tony.

  • Burger Krieg and its famous Whopper ass returned to Japan yesterday after a 6-year hiatus. Customers lined up for hours at the first new branch! I don't know why but hamburger meat in Japan seems overly sketchy to me. Japanese denim is just fine with me however.

  • From the largest bank robberies in the world, to art-stealing con men, to backwoods bull semen theft, to fishermen jealousy -- here are 13 of the biggest, most profitable, strangest -- but most importantly, real -- from around the world

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