12 June 2007

More Sopranos Rumours; I'm hooked; Paul is Dead / "28 IF"

I came home today to an inbox rife with more Sopranos speculations and theories; so many that I'm this close to watching the episode again with my finger on the pause button, a giant magnifying glass and a checklist like Carmen Sandiego on a goddamn scavenger hunt.

Just like our parents got high and spun their 12'' against the belt trying to make out "Paul is Dead" I find this kind of stuff très interesting; if only to hear imaginations coming out of the woodwork to concoct such wildly vivid albeit plausible suppositions.

When David Chase pulled the plug like that last Sunday he really put a delicious syrupy Maraschino cherry atop a goddamn intricate layer cake. People will be talking about this finale for years to come. It was genuis. Simply.

And thank the maker for on-demand because now we can all sit and scrutinize every movement; this Sopranos finale will soon become our generations Zapruder tapes.

Anywho, here are the two coolest theory emails I received today...........

  • Theory #1 : Tony falls asleep last week in a barren room. No sheets on bed, no alrms clock, nothing. When he apparently wakes up, there are sheets on bed, a mirror, an alarm clock with music going off. None of that was in the end of last week's show. Tony dreams the whole last episode. A.J getting settled, Phil going down and agent harris cheering for him, Meadow becoming a lawyer and getting married. In the end, he sees himself sitting at the table. He is dreaming of having dinner with his family. Its ends when tony wakes up from his great dream. When A.J. says during the episode, "you are all living in a dream", that is a clue. sheets on bed, A.J's comment, and tony seeing himself at the end are all clues that the show really ended last week. This weeks episode was all a dream.

  • Theory # 2 (sic) : ok listen guys...u gotta wach the end of the episode again and wach closely...here is wat ul c...when tony walks into the diner he looks at himself sitting down at the table...u can be sure of this b/c he is wearing different clothes when he sits down...i dont no wtf that means...in previous seasons it had been told to us that tony's dad died just as his daughter ( Janice ) walked in...if u wach closely u will see Janice walk in shortly after tony sits down...this is used to signify the possibility of that happening again...then u will c the sports store owner who tony destroyed walk in wearing a brown kinda hunting jacket...he is the guy that a couple seasons ago got into gambling trouble with tony and tony took over his store...HE IS THE 1 WHO WACKS TONY...he comes in and sits down hunched over...hiding his eyes as not wanting to be noticed...and alas..."u probly dont even here it when it happens rite?" (this is bobby talking to tony in the 1st episode of the season...tony had this flashback as he was laying down in the last episode...there would be no reason to have had that in unless it had some huge significance)...and finally...tonys daughter walking in to c her dad get shot just as Janice did so many years ago...u hear the bell of her walking in and then blackness...nuthing...it signifies the neverending cycle of the soprano family...aj will become tony...meadow will become janus...carmela will become livia (tonys mom)...and cycle of violence goes on and on and on....absolutlely amazing...i HATED the ending at first...but when i wached it again...and understood it...it is really the most amazing ending possible for the show...we really would not have been satisfied with the boring u c tony git shot ending...this was priceless... remember..this was not an action show...it was a drama about a FAMILY Tony IS DEAD and WAS CLIPPED by someone. We the audience have always seen the episodes from Tony's point of view, and the blackened silence is what Tony sees and hears when he finally gets clipped. Remember the conversation with Bobby at the lake? "I wonder if you hear the one that gets you" - the final episode answers that question. That is why they flashed back to it at the end of last weeks episode. He never heard the one that killed him.

  • *** OK, update. I just watched the ending scene again and theory # 2 above is total crap. I'll leave it up just for the sake of argument but that is NOT Janice who walks in after Tony and that is NOT the dude who owned the sporting goods store. Tony wasn't in a room full of ghosts whether he was dreaming or not. The scene going black could still mean Tony got shot. Theory # 1 with the dreamscape still holds up; everything went black meaning either Tony got shot or he woke up from a dream. And that's that, my friends. At least, for now.

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