22 June 2007

Sara Fishko's Surveillance on WNYC

Since 1999, Sara Fishko has been producing personal essays on music, art, culture and media. Fishko’s pieces provide an insightful and accessible look into culture by mixing colorful sound, intimate interviews and thoughtful commentary. The comprehensive archive examines everything from obscure figures in film history to the masterpieces of the greatest classical composers.

All summer long, the Whitney Museum (Oh ish, that's like 4 blocks from me. Holla!) is featuring two art installations which play with some of the issues surrounding surveillance. Sixty years ago this month, the debut of a new radio show--using a hidden microphone--blurred the line between surveillance and entertainment. Nowadays the line is blurrier than ever. Whether it’s a security device or a work of art, WNYC’s Sara Fishko tells us, everybody is watching somebody.

"Profiling", an exhibition of 2 video-based, interactive art installations exploring issues of surveillance, is on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art until September 9th.

You can read more from Jonathan Raban, the author of the novel Surveillance, at his website.

Download a podcast or just stream and listen to Sara's show on Surveillance. Do it !!!

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