25 July 2007

  • 18 years later I've realised the symbolism behind the fish gasping for air at the end of Faith No More's "Epic" video and its actually hysterical & brilliant.

  • A city councilman is proposing a NYC ID card and I absolutely luvre the idea. I've always said working in or around midtown Manhattan was robbery because everything here is priced up for tourists hungry and thirsty from staring up at big ol' buildin's all day. If I present my NYC ID card I should be entitled to the 5 Borough resident price and not The Walters Family from Wisconsin staying at the Waldorf Astoria price! Can I get a Lexington Avenue Amen?!

  • A 21-year-old MIT student was found dead on a Union Square building rooftop on Sunday night. Police believe that James Albrecht fell from the 243 East 14th Street onto the roof of a neighbouring building, but it's unclear whether Albrecht fell or was pushed.

  • A family passed by me today as they were telling their daughter that "there are women firemen and police officers, too!" I can't believe I was privy to this moment of that little girls life. That's a big deal. That's like me overhearing a father giving his son "the talk". I overheard a couple one time mutually discovering if the other liked guacamole or not!! I was literally appalled. That's like something I ask on the first date! You've been with this girl for months and avocados have never come up?! What kind of life are you living?!!

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