18 July 2007

CBGB say you no use our font, thats for keychains, t-shirts, socks, hats, shower curtains, toilet seats and ties ONLY!

"After Eater revealed last week that chef Daniel Boulud's newest venture, a Bowery restaurant to open sometime next year, would carry the name DBGB—not to mention a logo suspiciously similar to that of shuttered Bowery rock venue CBGB—we figured the fine folks behind CBGB might have something to say about the matter. So we called Brett Green, CBGB's lawyer for the better part of the last decade, who cheerily dropped the hammer." [Eater]

Boulud on Bowery: CBGB Cease and Desists DBGB!

Highfalutin $29 burger joint to take CB's place!?

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