10 July 2007

See What Your Celeb Crush Says About YOU

What His Celeb Crush Says About Him
by Mens Health's David Zinczenko

"Throughout their lives, men have all kinds of crushes. When they're growing up, they may have crushes on their teachers. When they're all grown up, crushes can come in the form of co-workers, neighbors, coffee pourers, spinning instructors, you name it.

The thing about most crushes, though, is that they tend to fade faster than Fantasia's career. Easy come, easy go. One kind of crush that sticks with a guy: the celebrity crush.

About four in five men say they fantasize about other women, with a good many of them saying that famous women are the stars of the show. Though the characters may change from time to time, guys often choose their celebrity crushes based on some deeper longing for what they want in women.

Early on, the overriding factor may have been the prevalence of skin (Bo, Farrah, Pamela, and SI swimsuit models being excellent examples). But as men grow up, it's more than just physical attraction to the kind of woman he features in his cerebral movie theater - it's the total package that includes not only her looks, but what her looks, lifestyle, and personality may also represent."

Go read the rest of the article and see what your celeb crush says about you!

This was mine:

If he fantasizes about... Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer

It may mean... He appreciates that experience, knowledge, and just the right amount of sass and humor goes a long way to making for strong relationships. Mrs. Robinson jokes aside, he appreciates maturity-and all the good things that come with it.


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