10 July 2007

Sharpton is pissed about "roboho" remark

So the other day we posted about Badonkadonkcé ripping off Kylie's stage show when she performed at the BET Awards in this Styx-cum-Tron robo-suit.

So I guess TMZ used the term "Roboho" to describe Beyoncé's outfit. Personally, I thought it was well put but Rev. Al was pissed.

He says the term was "racist and misogynistic." Oh, c'mon, Al !

And while I was happy to see Rev. Al at Bloombergs side during the press conference for the two white cops that were shot, Al still needs to chill the F out and choose his battles wisely. You needn't call in the cavalry for "roboho", Al.

The Rev. seems to have a lot of time on his hands, maybe he should start a blog?

There is no deep intrinsic hate in the term "roboho" whatsoever. And I'm not denying that there IS hate out there still in the world, but I think he's looking in the wrong places now. Ever since the Imus thing, he's on a tear and I think he's supplanting race where no one else would even think of it and stirring the pot just for the sake of stirring.

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